Compression of your nerve root causes inflammation of the nerve and a variety of pain symptoms. Common symptoms that may indicate radiculopathy include:
  • Pain in your back, legs, arms, or shoulders
  • Weakness in your extremities
  •  Pins and needles in your hands or feet
  •  Abnormal pain sensations, referred to as paresthesia
  • Your pain may worsen with certain activities, such as walking, lifting items, or even sneezing

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What is radiculopathy?

Radiculopathy is a condition that develops when the nerve root from your spine becomes pinched or damaged. The nerve root is the nerve that travels out from your spine through the narrow openings in your vertebrae to send the necessary signals to all the parts of your body.

Radiculopathy is classified based on the part of your spine the nerve root is irritated, and includes:

·        Cervical radiculopathy

·        Thoracic radiculopathy

·        Lumbar radiculopathy


Radiculopathy most often occurs in the lumbar and cervical areas. Lumbar radiculopathy is also known as sciatica.

What causes radiculopathy?

Radiculopathy usually develops when there’s a change in the tissue that surrounds your spine that leads to the compression of the nerve root. Some common conditions that cause radiculopathy include:

·        Herniated disc

·        Bone spurs

·        Spinal stenosis


Infections in the spine and abnormal growths may also lead to radiculopathy; however, these causes are less common.

How is radiculopathy treated?

Dr. Reeves develops a personalized treatment plan for your radiculopathy based on the underlying cause. The goal of your treatment is to reduce the compression and irritation to relieve your symptoms.

Treatment may include:

·        Anti-inflammatories

·        Weight loss

·        Physical therapy

·        Steroid injections


If the compression is severe and you don’t respond well to the less invasive treatments, Dr. Reeves may recommend surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerve and help you get relief from your symptoms. Dr. Reeves may be able to use a minimally invasive procedure, to relieve your discomfort and reduce your recovery time.

Radiculopathy can cause a number of symptoms that affect your quality of life. For expert management aimed at getting you the relief you need, call Midwest Orthopedic and Spine Specialists at 636-777-8010 to schedule an appointment today.


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